links about amsterdam
these links refer to sites from and about amsterdam, one of europe's most interesting cities. I lived there from 2006 to 2009.
the official homepage of amsterdam - here you can find information on current events, but also (very important) the locations (and fares) of the park+ride sites
I amsterdam
the english speaking homepage of amsterdam - targeted at foreign residents mainly, but also useful for visitors
universiteit van amsterdam
the university of amsterdam, where I am currently working on my phd
amsterdam school of communications research (ascor)
amsterdam university's communication research institute, one of the largest and most vibrant places in the field
filmmuseum amsterdam
a really nice film museum and cinema, in a really nice location, with a really nice cafe and terrace, and a frequently changing selection of old and contemporary movies
fotografiemuseum amsterdam
amsterdam's museum of photography, small but with excellent changing exhibitions
oude kerk
the old church, which is now a place for events and exhibitions, mainly in modern art, but it is even impressive when it is empty. located right in the centre of the red light district.
the jazz part of amsterdam's riverside concert hall (muziekgebouw an 't ij). every tuesday night, there's a free jam session held by students of amsterdam's conservatory
the amsterdam public transport system, indispensable for every visitor, although as a resident you buy a bike and two strong locks after a week the latest.