links about the european union
these links refer to official sources and academic institutes dealing with research in european integration.
european union
the portal of the european union, the world's largest website, though not the most comprehensive one
the european public opinion survey
the european union's statistical office
eu integration network
a bertelsmann-supported network that aims to coordinate researchers around several core issues of european politics
european community studies association
the federation of national european studies associations, a useful pathfinder to the national branches
arbeitskreis europäische integration
the german branch of the above federation
polish european community studies association
the polish branch of the same
deutsche gesellschaft für auswärtige politik -
a journal dedicated to foreign political issues, published by the german government's foreign policy think tank
institut für europäische politik
a berlin-based institute active in european political research
european policy centre
an english-speaking web site featuring, amongst others, interesting guest commentators on european issues
instytut spraw publicznych
the polish public social research institute, which offers a variety of eu-related research publications
european union politics
a young but influential academic journal on european issues