links to miscellaneous interesting sites
these links refer to miscellaneous web pages that did not fit the other categories, but are still worth listing.
phd comics
the daily madness of phd life cast into brilliant comic strips, the ultimate way of procrastination
home of falk, sojus e.v.'s cartoonist, whose somewhat odd sense of humour can be seen from his countless comic strips
zahnarztpraxis dr. gabriele baden
my mother's dental practice, which has a special focus on treating children and people who are afraid of dentists; she also offers hypnosis instead of traditional anaesthetics
rechtsanwälte heinle, felsch,
baden, redeker + partner
my father's law firm
fachanwalt bau e.v.
another project of my father's, together with several other lawyers specialized in legal practice in construction services
the only true radio station, vibes and fun from germany's southwest
süddeutsche zeitung
one of germany's leading newspapers, and definitely the best satirical daily column
taz - die tagenzeitung
germany's alternative news source, for those moments when you need a second angle; home of the famous touché comics
germany's prime online news source, the biggest online-only newspaper; less well-known than spiegel online, but better in quality
spiegel online
the most popular online source for current news on germany and else - if one prefers speed before accuracy
for those who like accuracy - this passionate blog examines and comments on germany's leading tabloid's daily lies, inaccuracies and stupidities
deutsche bahn
german rail, the only way to travel germany, better (but also more expensive) that its reputation