links to projects i am of was involved in
these links refer to sites from projects in which I have participated and societies that I am a member of.
leipzig's popular open air radioplay festival, which I helped founding in 2003
sojus - das junge magazin
sojus e.v.
a saxonian youth magazine for, about and by young people, which I helped founding in 1999
initiative pro toleranz
another sojus e.v. project which developed movie clips against low-scale, everyday racism
jugendpresse sachsen e.v.
saxonian youth media's association, sojus e.v.'s office partner and most important cooperation partner
powi+ e.v.
a society of leipzig's political science students, staff and alumni, dedicated to promoting the quality of studying political science
internationale studentische woche
a festival celebrating the different cultures and nationalities of students at leipzig university
jusos leipzig
the german young social democrats, leipzig branch
für demokratie courage zeigen
a young people's initiative promoting tolerance and fighting against nazism and racism
grüne jugend
the german young greens, whose bonn branch i briefly chaired