may i introduce myself?
most people state their profession or nationality first whenever asked who they are. but that is not necessarily the best way to introduce myself...
welcome to my homepage!   welcome to my homepage! may i introduce myself?
my name is christian baden, and i believe in communication. this admittedly odd introduction does, i think, cover much more of what is important to me than do those attributes listed on my diplomas and id cards. let me explain...
i was born nine years before the wall fell, in the city that used to be germany's capital back then. i have identified with my rhenish birthplace, my saxonian new home in the beautiful city of leipzig, my continental culture when i lived in the united kingdom, and my dutch new life in amsterdam ever since, but i couldn't say that this is really who i am. i usually say i'm a european. by that, i mean that i feel attached and obliged to the idea that people from different nations and cultures live together and share their lives. the essence of what europe means to me is communication between people.
  welcome to my homepage!
welcome to my homepage!   i am a scholar in communication. i discovered my fascination for the complexity of social communication during my studies in leipzig, and i keep adding new facets to my understanding of this most fundamental interaction in human life. i have studied politics, sociology, economics, psychology and else, but all my academic research centres around the same old riddle: what does communication add to an individual's understanding of the world we are living in? without communication, i believe, life is not only impossible, it is senseless.
many of the traces i have tried to leave so far are concerned with fostering and facilitating communication between people. i believe that many peoples' unwillingness, inability and inhibition to speak up openly and voice their concerns is one of the big injustices of our time. dominant discourses, few privileged communicators and the ubiquitous distractions of our media-penetrated society silence far too many people. i believe that democracy deserves being taken seriously, and so do all people living in a society. not only should all people be enabled to learn and understand what is going on in our world that might affect them, but also should their voices be heard when far-reaching decisions are to be made. working toward this aim has be the purpose of much of my work, both in my research, my teaching, and also my volunteer work.
  welcome to my homepage!
welcome to my homepage!   hardly surprisingly, these things have kept me busy over the years, and continue to do so. yet, even the best purpose cannot replace, and should not supersede the need to step out occasionally, take a breath, and enjoy this beautiful life. whenever i can, i play with my beloved son adrian, enjoy the company of my friends, and taste the fresh air on my bike. i have always found joy in life`s small absurdities, odd places, and artfully arranged words. to me, a well-placed detail often means more than the grandest events and most elaborate artwork.
on this website, i wish to give you a glimpse of all those aspects of my life; you can trace my scientific work and follow the links to all kinds of activities of mine outside of academic life; you will find some pictures of beautiful and remarkable sights i encountered, and you can read some words i deemed worth saying and remembering.
welkom, witamy, bienvenue, добро пожаловать, willkommen, welcome!
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